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Many farmers have no idea how to boost their agricultural production or how to get rid of insects or pests in their crops.



Many farmers have no idea how to boost their agricultural production or how to get rid of insects or pests in their crops. Soils have been used for growing crops over thousands of years without caring much for replenishing. This has led to the depletion and exhaustion of soils resulting in their low productivity. The average yields of almost all the crops are lowering day by day. Large tracts of fertile land suffer from soil erosion by wind and water. Seed is a critical and basic input for attaining higher crop yields and sustained growth in agricultural production. Good quality seeds are out of reach of the majority of farmers, especially small and marginal farmers.  They are in serious need of modern tech to recognize and differentiate between good and bad quality soil and seeds.

Agricultural marketing continues to be in a bad shape in rural India. In the absence of sound marketing facilities, the farmers have to depend upon local traders and middlemen for the disposal of their farm produce which is sold at a throw-away price.  

Little or no use of machines is made in ploughing, sowing, irrigating, thinning and pruning, weeding, harvesting threshing and transporting the crops. It results in huge wastage of human labour and low yields per capita labour force. There is an urgent need to digitalize and modernize the agricultural operations so that wastage of labour force is avoided and farming is made convenient and efficient.


In AR farming, we have technologies that will aid in increasing farm production. Agriculture will be revolutionized by the technical wave of AR in agriculture.

This technique includes a check and detection mechanism for pests and insects. It also defines the soil qualities and crops that will be sown on a certain parcel of land. By simply looking at the application, VR & MR solution aids in the comprehension of pest and agricultural conditions.

Puaerte Visual provides a platform to enhance agricultural marketing and bring awareness among all sets of farmers. We will use AR technology to deliver training that will assist farmers in providing interactive and safe instruction. A tablet or smartphone can be used to operate farm equipment! As a result, farmers can now gather and exchange information on machinery, crops, and livestock in the most efficient way imaginable.


Farmers will be able to grow more crops on their land and will always have a routine check of pests and insects if they use this approach which will ultimately increase agricultural production by an enormous amount. As a result, it is and will be a beneficial technology for farmers that will not only increment their earnings but also provide adequate training to further elevate the production process.