AR/VR/MR Lab Set Up

Learn about AR, VR and MR with the help of Immersive Labs. AR/VR/MR Labs are a unique tool that features the latest technology in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. The lab is equipped with all the necessary hardware and software that is needed to learn about Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.


Automobiles Sector

Incorporating an AR/VR/MR lab into the automobile sector allows each department to operate intelligently, effectively, and with ease. The advantages of using an AR/VR/MR lab service are unrivalled. Driver experience is improved, long and complex instructions are replaced, the training process is automated, and warehousing is simplified.


Logistics Sector

When it comes to educating people to handle machines and execute procedures, AR/VR/MR labs offer up a lot of options.

Augmented Reality

Skill Enhancement

AR/VR/MR programmes provide immersive learning opportunities. With the aid of this application, anyone can gain a better understanding of human capacities. AR/VR/MR’s extensive library of industry-standard training enables each employee and student to update and improve their skills on a regular basis.


Aerospace Industry

The way people learn design and maintenance skills in the aircraft industry has evolved thanks to AR/VR/MR. These technologies have made the construction and testing of these complicated machines more fascinating and precise.


Agriculture Sector

AR/VR/MR are advancing the world and are now being used in a variety of industries, including agriculture. Farmers will find it simpler to utilise AR/VR/MR to simplify their agricultural processes as AR/VR/MR technology becomes more advanced and affordable.

real estate

Real Estate Sector

The immersive technology tracks and captures where sections of a property viewers spent the most time in, providing real estate brokers with vital information about consumer preferences. This data aids agents in identifying lucrative selling prospects.

Manufacturing and Training

Manufacturing & Training Sector

AR/VR/MR improves the precision of every part of the industrial manufacturing process, resulting in not only faster time-to-market but also higher quality manufactured items.


Engineering Sector

Design and setup all engineering tasks utilising AR/VR/MR. Get a taste of reality before it takes shape. All engineering projects benefit from the use of AR/VR/MR. Prospects can customise the project to meet their needs.


Retail Sector

Retailers will need to embrace digital transformation now more than ever. AR/VR/MR in retail enables retailers and consumers both to have a seamless shopping experience by lowering store operating expenses and providing consumers with an immersive, engaging, and safe experience.

Health Care

Healthcare Sector

For the healthcare sector, AR/VR/MR are being utilised to improve patient experience, psychological relief, and therapy, data visualisation, body mapping, advanced diagnostics, VR surgical run-throughs, AR surgery aid, medical education, and emergency navigation.


Career Centres

Career centres can use AR/VR/MR labs to improve internship and employment programmes in order to make their students more employable. Students can use AR/VR/MR labs’ extensive content for various industries as a weapon in the race for employability.



Universities and colleges have long been at the forefront of new technology development, propelling innovation and nurturing the next generation of scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs. AR/VR/MR have the ability to unlock potential by providing students with new methods to study.

Agriculture College

Agriculture College

Solve real-world problems while also modernising standard training methods by using AR/VR/MR to create a trainer-less training programme.

Medical College

Medical College

Set up an AR/VR/MR Lab to experience a new era of learning. For medical education, imaging, dentistry, nurse training, and rehabilitation, AR/VR/MR is becoming more accessible and cheap.

Engineering College

Engineering College

Engineering students can use AR/VR/MR laboratories to design and create 3D interactive environments with real-time tracking, produce virtual prototype models that provide clients a 360° perspective of the design with interactivity, and provide 3D representation of buildings and classrooms.



The newest and most eye-catching way to study a subject. Includes everything needed for teaching and learning in the classroom ranging from tablets and virtual reality glasses, the teacher account with content to a distance learning system for students.