Optical Products and Digital Imaging

Employee training on product range, features, and 360 view visualization using a web-based 3D Immersive LMS.

Optical Products and Digital Imaging


Employees at the rapidly expanding company wanted to grow alongside them, gaining additional product knowledge. The company desired to provide its employees with a fully functional platform where they could learn about the company’s product line, features, and visualisation. Their goal was to provide knowledge of imaging technologies and other equipment to their employees. Designing optical technologies to meet clinical needs at a locally affordable cost, is a difficult task for the industry and are in need of the latest tech that is practical for dissemination across large countries with geographically variable medical infrastructure.


Puaerte Visual will provide an appropriate design for a web-based platform on a website where company personnel may safely check in using their official ID and gain access to a training platform. Employee training is available through the platform, which includes information on all key devices, 3D visualization of devices, their components, maintenance, and more. Specific courses are offered for employees to attend to learn more. Users may also learn more about the coaches, including their qualifications, experience, and competence, which makes them a good pick for learning from. The platform also provided capabilities for the company’s retail partners to make quotes and calculations more easily.


Employees can learn about the entire product continuously and keep their expertise up to date whenever a new product is introduced to the market. Employees’ input in their various roles would be more-sound if they knew more about the products, features, and imaging technology. Additionally, the platform’s training and skill enhancement sessions contribute to their overall professional development.