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Cannot welcome a New year without a new year’s Eve celebration. Isn’t it? To visit the best memories of the year, organize a virtual team meet-up. Bond with your team and friends and share the new hopes you are pinning for. A new year’s party remains incomplete without a dance party and music. This blog will let you know about some of the most fun ideas to inculcate in your Virtual New Year’s party. Closeout 2021 with a bang and welcome 2022 in a healthy way.

Spice it up with “ Virtual Movie Pictionary “

Make sure to include this with movie titles. Here’s what you can do to make it mind-blowing- Collect a bunch of New Year Eves-related movie titles. Make sure to send your team’s/ friends into the breakout rooms. Divide the team/friends into different groups and when the desired group gets a turn – it is supposed to select a member to act on the movie title given by the opponent team. In short, The team members are supposed to go turn by turn act on the movie title and the digital board is to keep an eye for the scores. Ta- daaaa! Some of the movie recommendations- Money Train, The Phantom Thread, Home alone.

What about Jack box games ? –

It has a variety of online board and card games. It has Quiplash. It requires groups ranging from 3-8 members in each group. It has an immersive and hilarious game that will keep you and your team/ friends engaged. Top it up with an Emcee who will act as a supervisor and there are no cheating and unfair rules. Well, Playing a game in Jackbox is straightforward. Try it! Let us know? Ok

Make it fun with “One- Liners or sentences.

This will act more like your gratitude list. This is sort of like the Thanksgiving- virtual New Year’s Eve Edition. Initiate and think about the things that have changed you, the good still there, be grateful for them, and encourage them at least Today. It is a healthy way to practice and look forward to the future. The team members can articulate their feelings in the best possible way in one sentence.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt –

It is an online game where the immediate task is to find things that are mentioned on the given list. The activity enables the members to engage in deep analytical thinking while improving their problem-solving capabilities. Well, this game has a time limit. This game will encourage team-building opportunities and guess what it is very simple. It is an easy way to send out invites and make them on the same page when everyone is available. Get them on Zoom, or hire a 3D platform, give them the details, the deadline, and have an unforgettable experience.

Virtual Team Karaoke –

Organize an entire karaoke competition that will use video conferencing tools. Well, pre-record the entire event and play them on the eve of New Year. If you wish to organize a karaoke party with your team members which are remotely located then remember to plan well for the event. It is extremely important to get more people on board. Planning ahead will give you ample time and a more lively audience. Note- Do not forget to create a karaoke playlist and have the lyrics of these songs ready. Make sure to set up karaoke and hand the person the reins of the party. Expect a tipping jar of amazing performances.

Hmm? Give a thought to Virtual Talent Shows. 

These talent shows where everyone gets a chance to show off something from their skill set is amazing. Team members will love it. All year round, doing the same kind of work again and again. This will help to break the monotony. It will help to visit your favorite hobbies again. A virtual talent show is your best bet. This show will allow you to host on a video conferencing platform or a 3D platform as the audience needs to engage well. Make sure the emcee is playing well to announce the arrival of the participants. Make it more interesting and competitive as it will involve people from the upper management to reside as the judges and help to choose the winner based on the performance. It will result in dancing, singing, cooking, juggling to a best New Year’s Eve.

Virtual Wine Tasting , Huh?

Wine tasting is always a classic experience. Many of them have stopped their visit to the wineries because of the heavy pandemic. Do you know that the best wineries are ready to bring the experience to the comfort of the screen? Virtual wine tasting is a delicious and rich way to bring your remote employees together. This will surely improve your bond. One can have the tasting kits being parcelled at one’s own address to make it livelier.

Smash it up with a bingo party !

To organize a bingo party is a little off the plate. Hand over the invites and the bingo boards. Online bingo follows the same rules as the popular games itself as it will be the key difference is just the presence being online. Online bingo games are quite engaging. It will create amazing team bonds. Maybe, in the end, you will have more office friends to count on. Make it more competitive by adding gifts for the winners

Some of the fun and crazy ideas to give that spark to your New Year Evening. Be happy and look forward to a healthy coming year. Cheers!

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