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The world is evolving at a rapid rate and every business desires to thrive in this dynamic environment by constant innovation and upgrades. But how does an organization actually convey these developments to its audience or how can one enthusiast or Subject Matter Expert(SME) stay updated? 

To keep everyone abreast with what’s going on, the companies conduct Trade shows. 

What are Trade Shows?

These are mini-shows or exhibitions held by the companies to showcase their latest products and services as well as have a meet and greet with other industry mentors and competitors. Experts also gather to discuss and share market trends and insights.

What next?

The pandemic hit changed rules for everything and everyone. But the world and life go on, hence people found newer ways to get things done. All of it switched to virtual and online mediums. That’s when Trade shows now became Virtual Trade shows/ exhibitions. 

Everyone adapted to virtual mediums in the wake of the hour. Many virtual events and virtual trade show platforms came to life amidst lockdown. The startups even found a lot of responses from various industries. 

Here are some of the top virtual trade show industries that are here to stay. 

  1. Tech industry

Technology is ever-evolving and hence, there is no way that a trade show won’t be conducted for this industry. Many high-profile tech companies indulge in having a detailed virtual trade show that attracts attention from various industry leaders and experts such as CEOs, Founders, and other top-level management personnel who want to be at the top of the game. 

Other variations for these types of virtual trade shows can be moderator-led panel discussions over various trends and concepts like robotics, AI, and other technological advancements. 

Through virtual trade show platforms, the demonstrations and other updates become a safe bet in the tech-related industry as it ensures to provide a seamless experience. 

At Puaerte Visual, we are equipped with many features like AR/VR and live streaming which elevates the overall virtual trade show. To know more about all that we do, check out here

  1. Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry has a lot going on within, with the boom in green manufacturing mediums and the world’s urge and demand to become mindful of creating sustainable products and equipment. Many companies in the industry constantly innovate with their creation and curation methods, hence, demanding a trade show every now and then, to keep everyone abreast with the updates. 

Virtual trade shows present an opportunity for having engaging and valuable discussions and expanding networks across the industry with the best-in-class experts. 

  1. Healthcare industry

With major outbreaks like COVID-19, the world has come back to medical and healthcare with even more urgency, creating opportunities for virtual trade shows and exhibitions centered around evolving healthcare technologies, developing specialties, and growing employment avenues. 

Healthcare professionals all around the globe are coming together to engage in discussions about the entry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more promising progress in the industry through various conventions and trade shows displaying the prototypes. 

Also, there are few themes that are timeless; professionals tend to keep an eye on concepts like radiology and surgical techniques, and platforms like Puaerte Visual, make it easy with its customizable dashboards for putting up a better show. 

  1. Restaurant & food industry

Unlike other industries, trade shows under this category is more of lifestyle and luxury aspects but are no less on business fronts. The food industry has multiple national-level organizations that dig deeper into the current trends and needs of the market. 

This industry has a plethora of motives to conduct virtual trade shows like initiating discussions on nutrition, the art of cooking, and using newly launched equipment in large restaurant kitchens.

The food industry also conducts impressive virtual trade shows on dissecting the techniques or recipes of making a specific drink, food item, or more such foods. Some of the top virtual trade shows are also aimed at bringing all the levels in food chain supply together, such as the growers/ farmers, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers for showcasing and addressing their concerns about the process, incentives, and other topics in the arena. 

  1. Arts & Craft industry

Art is beyond everything and never fails to grab the attention of the masses. People outgrow a lot of things in their lifetime, but places like art galleries, DIY art stores, and gift shops continue to appeal to every age group. 

Hence, this industry has stepped into the virtual medium as well, since the audience is already there. Virtual trade shows help these organizations to put their best foot forward by incurring a low cost and eliminating a physical space. 

In these virtual trade shows, skilled artists directly interact with their customers and deliver even more high-quality outputs. From pottery to paper quilling to sketching, there is a market for all of it, even in this digital era. 

Trade shows are essentials at serving industries for their expert and keynote discussions to make progress that matters in the long run. It encourages the growth of a business and industry as a whole. 

Trade is never-ending so why should the trade shows end in this digital era. It’s time to cash in on the transition of physical to virtual trade shows so that progress becomes inevitable, get along, and make a difference in your next virtual trade show with us. 

So today, in the era of everything from home, Puaerte Visual offers you all a virtual platform to give flight to your business and not allow a pandemic to slow you down. 

And if you are wondering why to choose us? Check out some things to look out for when choosing a virtual platform here.

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