Why Puaerte Visual has an edge over other virtual platforms?

Admin Dashboard

It allows you to have a look at the Analytics, (ie; Page name, Company name, Stall name, Start time& ending time), Questions asked during the webinars or conferences, Polling (basic answers replied by the audience),live Q&A engagement and also let you know how many users have registered in the event.

Event Dashboard

It will allow you to do the last minute changes such as uploading a picture of any product or logo of your brand.

Stall Dashboard

It helps you with the live chat on the exhibition booths, in turn helping you to know how many people are engaging with a particular booth, total visitors, last minute changes with the stall can be done here.

Stall Analytics

It gives you a total view of the attendees with their contact details such as their name, mobile number, email and their engaging time with the stalls.