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As we prepare to wave goodbye to the season of spring, the festival of colours is just around the corner. Colours, water cannons, and a day to put differences aside and enjoy. It’s the day for all of us to gather together with friends, coworkers, and family to celebrate the joys of life, from eating gujiyas to dancing all day in colour-soaked water and quenching your thirst with thandai.

We have all made peace with things going virtual. Unfortunately, your Holi celebration will be no exception. But who says you can’t have a good time online? Before we get into some fun Virtual Holi party ideas, were you aware of these lesser-known facts about Holi?

#1 – Holi is not just a festival of colours. Holi is actually a two-day festival!

Day 1 is marked by a bonfire, which is lit to purify and burn away all bad. Day 2 is Colours Day, which is a popular holiday that we all know about and celebrates with coloured water balloons.

#2 – Each and every colour of Holi has a significant meaning attached to it.

Red represents love and fertility, yellow represents the natural medicine turmeric, green represents spring, and blue represents Krishna.

Here is a list of ideas to celebrate this Holi with your friends, family and colleagues while staying safe in the comfort of your homes.

1- Virtual Dance Party

By now, you and your co-workers must have participated in at least one virtual fitness class. What you may not have done is host a Virtual Holi Dance Party, where everyone not only dances together but also takes those additional steps for guilt-free gujiyas. Invite a dance instructor or a Bollywood dancing specialist on board to lead the attendees through the dance steps at this entertaining celebration. Put your Holi music playlist on your virtual event and play it! Many virtual platforms and other virtual event systems allow you to stream video without latency while all speakers and attendees are visible on the screen. We are confident that this party will contain some of the most unforgettable moments that you will be able to download in order to create the most entertaining montage of 2021.

2- Shuru Kare Antakshari?

It’s no surprise that Bollywood has a full selection of songs dedicated to the festival of Holi.

From Balam Pichkari to Rang Barse to Jai Jai Shiv Shankar, it’s time to step up your game and let the karaoke tunes play. Is there anything else we can say?

Discover your team’s hidden ability as you celebrate with a Virtual Antakshari, and allow your attendees to celebrate and set the tone for the music!

3- A Trip Down Holi Lane

Everyone has a special holi memory. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane by asking your co-workers to share their favourite memories using unique AR picture filters on social media. You can make it a competitive event by allowing people to vote for the best photograph and paying the victors with a unique gift! Don’t forget to provide badges to all attendees, and be sure to share these memorable experiences on your company’s social media.

4- Virtual Cooking Competition

Yes, we realise we won’t be able to eat those delectable treats online, but who says we can’t show off our greatest dishes? Isn’t it true that we all like Masterchef? It’s time for a one-hour elimination round in which you unearth a mystery box and the contestants cook in real-time. Even maggi can be prepared in a gourmet manner, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, how about a perfectly poached egg?

5- Holi Quiz

Everybody enjoys a little trivia now and then, so why not have a Holi-themed trivia session? You may believe that everyone understands what Holi is all about, but we bet you’d struggle to name what Holi is called in Assam! You may organise these contests as a build-up to the main virtual holi event.

6- Live Music/Concert

After a day of the fun-filled activities listed above, you and your team will definitely be tired. So, who wouldn’t like a laid-back performance to cap off the evening? Host a live Holi concert through a virtual event platform or stream a pre-recorded video. Virtual Event platforms like Puaerte Visual, ON24, etc., provide you with the facilities to live stream content. Remember that the audience can respond with emojis and participate in a fun and relaxed musical session!

7- Dress to Impress!

Just because you won’t be seeing your loved ones in reality, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up to celebrate virtually! With the stressful two years we’ve all had, we all deserve some much-needed time to ourselves, and after months of lounging on the sofa in our old sweatpants, we could all use some effort in our appearance. It would be beneficial if we used this opportunity to bring out the festive attire that has been buried at the back of our wardrobes.

If you’re attending a virtual Holi party, you might want to dress for the day. Wear all-white or bright and colourful clothes. Tie-dye clothing is a perfect fit for the occasion.

8- The After-Party

Who says the good times have to end on Holi? Nunify allows you to free download immediate recordings and utilise the footage to create an epic montage that can be made available on demand. This is the sort of entertaining employee souvenir that employees can show off on social media as well as share with family and friends.

These are just a few suggestions for virtual Holi 2022. Just a reminder: don’t put too much pressure on yourself when planning the perfect Virtual Holi. Remember that Holi is all about creating memories and having fun with your friends. Use these Virtual Holi ideas to celebrate the festival of colours and spread pleasure with your friends, family and colleagues this year! Get rid of the gloom and dullness of the previous two years and inject some colour into your own and your peers’ life.

To everyone, a very happy Holi. Stay safe!

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