Connect, Communicate and Host an event with us!

Virtual events specialized for the Corporates/Organisations

Virtual Housing Conclave

Showcase your trends in housing industry- the future architecture, building, furnishing etc on a virtual platform.

Virtual Trade Conclave

Showcase your latest products and services to your prospects with us. Show your products with ease and comfort.

Virtual Product launches

Launch a product with Puaertevisual. Product launches cannot be attended by everyone as it requires travelling and its time consuming for some of them. So why not on a virtual platform?

Webinars & Conferences

Up-skilling webinars and conferences can be held virtually now. These webinars are helpful for the better function of the management. You know it, we know it.

Virtual Board Meetings & Shareholder meetings

Conduct virtual board meetings and shareholder meetings with full technical support on your rectangular devices- mobile phones.

Virtual Team- Building events

Better communication and collaboration among the team members is necessary for an organization. Try your team- Building event with us and grow.

Virtual events for the Schools/Universities

Virtual Education Conclave

Education decisions with regard to higher studies demands for guidance and research. Notable speakers from different arena can host an education conclave telling the students about the different opportunities in different field.

Virtual Placement & Job Conclave

Students looking for internship, jobs can make the use of such virtual events. The virtual events have a larger audience because it can accessible on our phones, laptops and ipads.

Virtual meet and greet-(Alumni and Principals)

Once in a year meet –up with the Universities Alumni & Principals sets the tone of the efficient communication. Doesn’t it ? A big YES.

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