Hybrid Events


We are a design tech platform that promises to bring the best of both worlds for you at the comfort of your home. Our hybrid event platform is here to offer a top-notch experience in targeting and engaging with more people.


1 - Customizable 3D design and templates

Every customer is unique and has special demands. We cater to that through our easy to customise 3D designs and templates. Our DIY dashboards give you the liberty to make last minute changes without going through the long process of hassle to get it done.


2 - Convenient integration

Various available video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft teams or Google meet can be integrated in our hybrid event platform. All the graphics and 3D elements are designed by Puaerte Visual team for a lasting impact. Chroma shoot setup can also be arranged for an event.


3 - Easy movement

Just like in-person shows/ events, Puaerte Visual is a platform where all the attendees can freely roam around in the event at various sections like conference room, social lounge etc.


4 - Dynamic platform

Our event platform is highly dynamic and provides an opportunity to host all types of gatherings be it a hybrid town hall meeting, hybrid AGM or hybrid product launch.


5 - Understandable analytics

Analytics are very effective indicators for assessing the impact of any hybrid event. Puaerte Visual provides it all right from the first entry of every attendant to the final exit, every move is tracked and registered. 

This data acts as a deciding force for future events.


6 - Free access

Our hybrid event platform does not require any plugin, software or app installation, anyone with the link and internet access can either host or attend the virtual event. Our platform is supported on all web browsers namely, google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer etc.


7 - Friendly assistance

Our team is dedicated to putting up a successful and high quality hybrid event for you with all the expertise, knowledge and assistance. We are always available at the backend to tackle almost negligible glitches that might occur during the event.


8 - Interaction opportunity

Any hybrid event must be a mix of in-person and virtual worlds so to enhance that experience, our platform has a networking lounge meant for attendees to interact with other fellow attendees. Through this feature, the opportunity of networking is never lost.


9 - Simplistic setup

Our exhibition hall design can be customized to the desired number of stalls with details like website, collateral, product/ service offered and other key elements. Every stall has its unique dashboard to track the user traction and engagement matrix for the hybrid event.

If you are looking for memorable and measurable experiences, then get in touch with us, give a call at +91 9571504414 or simply book a demo