Virtual Event

We are a design tech platform that allows an all around rich virtual experience . We offer you an experience that you can tune in to from any location in the world. An opportunity for engagement and interaction through our hassle -free virtual event solutions.

1 - Customizable 3D design and templates

Puaerte Visual gives you a varied range of templates for your virtual event. While you can choose from the existing set; there is also a scope for customization. Once the demands are put forward, our team aims at delivering it to you.


2 - Timely DIY dashboards

Creating and managing an event involves continuous back and forth communication with the vendor. Puaerte Visual claims to give you your virtual event design in under 30 minutes. Our ‘Do It Yourself’ dashboards give you the freedom to make last-minute real-time changes in the virtual event.


3 - Trackable analytics

Puaerte Visual dashboards allow easy analytics for the event organizer. Our ultimate USP is we provide the user data to the event organizer in an understandable manner. This gives a much required insight into the attendees’ behavior to boost further engagement in future events as well as a solid analysis for pitching to the sponsors.


4 - Gamification

As engagement is a vital factor that drives overall sales or profits for the event organizer.  Our engagement zone on the platform has 3 separate stalls which have games like sudoku, word guess and 2048.

It also contains a quiz that can be customized for any host.


5 - Convenient integration

If the vendor demands for a chroma shoot setup for the conference; it can be integrated at the earliest. The video conferencing platforms can be any among Zoom, Microsoft teams or Google meet. All the graphics and 3D elements are designed by Puaerte Visual team for a lasting impact.


6 - Exciting feature

Our conference hall has a unique tab ‘Key highlights’ that keeps a track of all the previous sessions held in the event and the attendees can access the resources at any time in the virtual conference event.


7 - On the web access

Our virtual event platform does not require any plugin, software or app installation, anyone with the link and internet access can either host or attend the virtual event. Our platform is supported on all web browsers namely, google chrome, mozilla firefox, internet explorer etc.


8 - Networking lounge

For adding more humane touch to your virtual event, we have a solution. Our networking lounge has information of all the attendees and grants special access to text or have a video chat with other potential contacts.


9 - Individual stall setup

Our exhibition hall design can be customized to the desired number of stalls with details like website, collateral, product/ service offered and other key elements. Every stall has its unique dashboard to track the user traction and engagement matrix for the virtual event.

10 - Dynamic platform

Puaerte Visual is a dynamic platform that lets you host multiple events through a single dashboard. Now host a virtual exhibition or a virtual trade show, or even a virtual fest from only one backend setup.


We are a one stop platform for all your virtual event needs. Come along, host a virtual AGM meeting or a virtual town hall meeting, we have got it all in all the ways you desire. 

For more details, give a call at +91 9571504414 or simply book a demo