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Machine evaluation and training to improve operator productivity and minimize production downtime.



Many automobiles company are facing problems regarding inefficiency and productivity in manufacturing due to a lack of effective training procedures. Major production downtime due to on-ground training using on-site machinery resulted in a severe loss of time and money. They needed an effective alternative to on-ground training without losing the hands-on experience for trainees. As the automobile manufacturing industry continues transforming; manufacturers will need to continue attracting and training the top and the brightest talent to acclimatize to the times, which has become a major problem due to the lack of competent tech efficient database. The automobile sector must pertain to smart manufacturing, AI training and study, and autonomous driving simulation.


We will design and develop an interactive VR platform to deliver them realistic industrial training which enabled their trainees to visualize themselves in an immersive virtual replica of their working environment with the entire 3D integration of equipment. The platform also provided trainees with an audio-based query system to clear their doubts and provide them with more knowledge. The virtual reality-power industrial training solution is integrated with smart evaluation tools which helped in assessing skills and knowledge of trainees attained effectively via training modules.

 The Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions will enable the automobile’s vision of becoming the mobility innovator to build a Meta-Factory concept, a digital twin of an actual factory which will be supported by a metaverse platform. Puaerte Visual will develop a real-time 3D and virtual platform which will reach a broad group of employees and will offer them a more comprehensive range of services across sales, marketing, and customer experience. The arrangement will allow engineers to test and engage in various auto-related solutions digital. VR & MR  Automobile Business Solutions will further accelerate innovation in the field of intelligent manufacturing, integrating AI training and other advanced technologies into a next-generation smart factory platform.


Automobiles Company realizes an effective elevation in trainees’ learning process, as VR-based immersive industrial training modules empowered them with hands-on skills and deep knowledge on the machinery and work environment to engage themselves in the process efficiently. As the VR-based platform imitated the process that actually occurs on-ground, on-site equipment was utilized for production and it helped in effectively minimizing downtime.