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A cloud-based Mixed Reality training solution with real-time monitoring and evaluation

Health Care


The Health Care sector has problems with internal and external training because KT from professionals is hampered amid business exigencies. Healthcare employees are strapped for time and there are times when their potential is wasted with unnecessary tasks that aren’t helping other workers or patients. They want a solution that will allow them to communicate effectively in a short period. Inconsistencies in operating and repair procedures are a leading cause of production downtime due to communication issues.

 Healthcare employers struggle with engagement and retention as 75% per cent of healthcare workers are overwhelmed and struggling. Workers need relevant training and room for growth, the presentation of that training is crucial.

Healthcare training is often on the complex and demanding subject matter: changing policies, developments in health crises, or new technology and require a modern tech which will make it efficient for experts on any given topic to dive in and create training, making it more likely the training effectively covers these complex topics.


Our company will design, build, and implement a cloud-based Mixed Reality solution that will allow users to connect and gather data from a variety of sources. The plant floor’s immersive 3D module and AV database server combine to create a single platform for bringing in relevant training topics. The VR application for operations aids in the real-time education of trainees in the operations department’s SOPs. Another MR-powered application enabled new joiners in learning the switch procedure in a virtual duplicate of their working environment complete with equipment. The maintenance training tool based on the MR solution enables learners to gain knowledge and practical abilities in troubleshooting equipment components to repair them quickly and reduce production downtime. Healthcare workers are swamped with work and stressed—the last thing they need is an hour-long seminar that doesn’t fit their schedule, and worse, doesn’t deliver learning when they need it, hence a personalized mixed reality platform will enable them to flexibly train and effectively enhance their capabilities.


The centralized cloud-based MR solution allows on-site workers to communicate and coordinate with experts and senior executives to quickly resolve technical issues, while the VR-powered operation tool allows them to communicate and coordinate with experts and senior executives to quickly resolve technical issues. The MR-based maintenance tool saves time and money by allowing learners to learn about the machinery even when it is physically unavailable for training.