HPCL’s successful Flagship Event Digiconn hosted on Interactive Virtual Event Platform


The objective was to create a virtual event experience for attendees as realistic as attending an event in person. Along with several virtual zones like lobby, Parallel Sessions, Multiple Exhibition Hall, Engagement Area, Networking Zone, Solution Management, Breakaway Room and so on, all under one event platform!

Read below to know how it was accomplished!


About HPCL- 

HPCL is a Government of India Enterprise with a Maharatna Status, and a Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 company. It operates Refineries at Mumbai (west coast) & Visakhapatnam (East coast) with designed capacities of 7.5. MMTPA (Million Metric Tonnes Per Annum) & 8.3 MMTPA respectively.

HPCL also owns the largest Lube Refinery in the country at Mumbai for producing Lube Oil Base Stock with a capacity of 428 TMTPA.

HPCL Lobby

Key highlights of the Virtual Experience Centre: –

In the hybrid event setup, several technical functionalities were created out of which few of the cutting -edge elements are mentioned below: –

  • Resembling an in- person experience.
  • Face – to Face interactions.
  • Multiple meetings, conferences at the same time.
  • Multiple Exhibition booths to accommodate various segments.
  • Gamification & Quizzes
  • Excellent networking options.

An immersive walkthrough with a complete 3d animated virtual tour of HPCL’s rambling plant to give users experience of the plant sitting at home.

  • Restricted Access :– Digiconn was a close event. Puaerte Visual created a restricted event – only specified delegates and attendees were given access with special credentials to this in-house event.
  • Parallel Sessions :- Multiple Auditoriums were implemented so that parallel sessions could take place seamlessly. Physical stage experience – Green screen shoot can be tricky but Puaerte Visual made it happen with unique features of speakers and panellists.  Chroma Shoot and VFx editing was done to give a 3d background and make it look realistic.
  • Digiconn supported multiple expo areas :– Startup Expo had the booming Startups Providing unique solutions in the industry domain and Partner Expo Area had the proud corporates which were interlinked with the organisation and services.
  • Integrated Form :- Solution Management was set up to know the pain points / problem of users which could be resolved by industry leaders and relevant start-ups in the upcoming time.
  • Connect over Email :- To ensure Connection post event and get better ROI users could easily connect over email. This special feature allowed the users to put their query forward and connect directly on their email with booth owners for further communication.
  • Analytics :– Stall dashboard enabled the users to get real time updates of attendees and their area of interest. Along with other relevant details.

Engagement Area

  • Photobooth Templates:-Multiple photobooth options were made available with the event details and branding that would give the attendee the option to save his/her presence at the event as a memory.
  • Virtual Games:-Games were customised according to the preferences of HPCL’s team. Games like- 2048, Sudoku, memory were implemented to encourage audience engagement.
  • Personalised quiz– A list of questions that mainly dealt with the history and workings of HPCL was the crux of the Digiconn quiz. 

Virtual 3d Stage/ Chroma Shoot Setup:- To make the panel discussion and keynote session look natural, green screen shoot of every delegate and panel was done which was then produced with realistically 3d designed  virtual stage and backdrops.

The Digiconn event was attended by 5000 + delegates. Puaerte Visual had taken the event of Digiconn to the next level by providing the virtual platform with desired customisations and personalisation. The attendees, speakers, sponsors could easily navigate the platform and a support team was available throughout the event.

The leader board was created to give that boost for the audience to stay on the platform for a longer duration.

  • Make users stay active on the platform.
  • Every action/ step/ click of users was tracked.
  • The most engaging users were at the top of the list and were rewarded.

To wrap it up the HPCL’s event was a massive success which earned applause from all the attendees because of the top-notch features and one -to -one communication was available which enabled the users to connect effortlessly.