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After the blah-blah-blah of another year of COVID, the ho-ho-holidays have arrived! Guess what? We can use some festive fun. Nothing is more exhausting than sitting behind your laptop, and switching between Zoom meetings, one after the other.


Worry not! We are here to take the monotony out of your routine by bringing you some crazy virtual Christmas ideas.


These ideas will work for team members as well as for clients. Make sure to arrange a virtual invite and manage the RSVPs.


Each idea is remote-friendly. Pull them off at your comfort. Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom are some of the standard video conferencing platforms at your disposal. However, if your audience size is large and might need multiple meeting rooms at the same time, try incorporating virtual event platforms.


  •  Firstly, Organise a Secret Santa –

Who doesn’t love gifts and surprises? This special act of gift exchange is for all. Your team members can write their wish-list and the Secret Santa will come to know what they want. For this, prior preparations are necessary so that on the day of the event, the attendees or the members can show-off their secret Santa gifts and make random guesses. The event team needs to be in-tune with the wishes of the attendees and select a “Secret Santa” for the same.

  • Arrange for a holiday-mixology party

Put that extra cheer in your season by adding Christmosas, Jingle Juice etc. Hire a professional mixologist to teach everyone how to make these special Christmas drinks – like White Wine Sangria. Add this to your event and enjoy virtual happy hours. Make sure to send the necessary supplies to your guests, members, etc. to squeeze out the real fun from this lively session.

  • Arrange a holiday trivia showdown

This fun activity will bring your audience together. It is fiercely competitive. You can divide your members into teams and let the fun begin. The winner gets a special hamper. This is a great way to attract your audience to attentively take part. Let the members indulge in Christmas trivia by answering the questions such as – Which real life person is Santa Claus based on? Which country initially started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree? What was the highest grossing movie of all the time? This trivia can cover all things that are fun and amazing like Christmas movies, songs, traditions, cultures, etc.

  • Guess that Christmas Tune

Play a famous Christmas tune and let your audience guess the song. There are no special arrangements needed for this game. Just open Spotify, Apple Music, etc., play the first 10 to 20 seconds of the song and let the members guess the music title. Make sure the winner gets a prize that is worth guessing the tune for!

  • Invite Online Carolers –

Christmas and carols go hand-in-hand. Make sure to invite professionals who love Christmas carols. You can also host a Caroling Concert. How cool? There can be a virtual caroling troupe and your attendees can join in whenever they want to.

  •  A classic Christmas movie can never go wrong! –

Tell your team that it’s Christmas and bring them under one umbrella – by using Zoom, Google Meet etc. You can always sync and share the screen and use the message box to send across your views. Make it feel like a very, Merry Christmas by hosting it in the middle of a workday to make your team feel rejuvenated. 

Some of the movie options are; Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Snowman, Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, etc.


  • Indulge in making hot chocolate and cookies –

A virtual Christmas party can be fulfilling with a virtual coffee ready for everyone at the same time. Invite a chef or culinary instructor to teach your team or attendees a variety of hot chocolates/cookies recipes. Engage and make boozy beverages with friendly-family-flavours. An easy treat which doesn’t require much precision and prowess!

  • Design your Holiday Cards/Santa Hats –

Spend your virtual Christmas party by designing and decorating special Santa hats. For this session you need basic supplies like paint, glue, paper, scissors, etc. 

Christmas Cards can be made by using online applications as well as using paper and colour pens. This activity will bring the team members together. 

Don’t forget to add a gift for each challenge!


  • Tour a Christmas Market –

The magical thing about the trending virtual events is that they give you access to a world that is easier to reach out to. You can count on the experiences and collect some of the most wonderful experiences. Reach out to the local host through various portals like Airbnb, etc. Nuremberg Christmas Market, Munich Christmas Market are some of the most beautiful places to (virtually) visit during Christmas. 

  • Celebrate your holidays around the world –

Go country hopping in real life. It sounds impossible to travel across 7-8 countries within a time period of 2 hours. Thankfully, the virtual world makes this possible. The magic of the Internet and the holiday cheer will make this Christmas memorable for everyone!

Whichever activity or idea you choose, make sure the experience is accessible to all. You can do this by providing the desired tools, supplies, etc. Well, Christmas is the season of giving. Don’t forget to ~Spread love and happiness.

Let us know which idea amazed you the most.

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