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Learning is always an ongoing process so why should we halt it when we are amidst a pandemic. Technology has proved to be such a boon in these dire times of our lives. For the need of survival, innovation is coming in all the businesses and other sectors of work. Every aspect is now moving on to virtual mediums with full force. 

Virtual means of learning have now become the best way to attain education and widespread knowledge. Geography is no longer a limitation for anyone to not pursue any field. 

To ease your strain on finding out virtual education learning ways, let’s go through 13 virtual event types that one can host or attend to widen their horizons of learning.

1 – Virtual education fairs

These fairs are aimed at assisting students in getting information about prospective universities they are trying to target for graduation or any other higher education. 

These fairs address any admission or course-related queries for students and their parents. Educational institutions and universities also participate in these virtual education fairs to reach more & more prospects for education. Hence, becoming more visible and available for interested parties.

2 – Virtual orientation/ graduation day

Though students do their research in advance, orientation is a necessity from the university’s end to officially introduce and welcome fresh batches of students into the campus.

These days are looked forward to with much anticipation and thrill, but the pandemic has made it hard; not impossible.

Many international universities provide virtual campus tours from a long back; with pandemics taking the center stage all educational institutions have resorted to virtual means now.

In virtual education events, virtual orientation day is one of the most popular virtual event ideas. 

University boards get in touch with event platforms to create a look-alike campus using the software or simply host an event addressing all the new students.

And while all other days might fade in the memory but graduation day is one of the most cherished days in the lives of people. Even if virtually, this day should always be a special one. The virtual graduation ceremony has become one of the most popular virtual events hosted by universities.

3 – Student / Alumni Network Fairs

Being active with alumni networks proves to be very beneficial in terms of getting any leads and opportunities in the future. Establishing a good rapport with alumni at such events is highly encouraged. Therefore, educational institutions and universities organize such virtual events for their students.

The networking table concept gives choices to the attendees for selecting the network they would want to be a part of.

4 – Virtual annual function

While virtual education has been at its peak, other events like virtual annual functions have also become prominent. Many fun and exciting performances & competitions can be held through improved technology. 

A leading global platform in this domain is, It creates connections between students, professionals, and companies through innovative and constructive challenges. 

Puaerte Visual got a splendid opportunity to organize a competition for students, with Asian Paints. It was such fun as well as the interactive project.

5 – Online master classes

Virtual education has reached new heights in this pandemic. And as far as we can see, it is for the best. Though everyone is missing out on real-life in-person experiences, geography is not an issue in this setup. The experts and keen learners have all come under one umbrella now through the concept of virtual/ online masterclass. 

In these classes, an expert on the subject directly interacts with the people enrolled for the course & has live real-time study sessions with them. This ensures better understanding and one-on-one focused education is imparted.

6 – Virtual employee Onboarding

Other than virtual education events, companies have also gotten into this online medium. Nowadays, induction and employee onboarding are done through virtual setup and ceremonies. These events if organized properly are really welcomed by employees as well. It makes them feel like a valuable part of the organization.

7 – Virtual Product Launch

Social media campaigns already create a lot of buzz in the community when executed to perfection. Another buzz-worthy event that is organized by companies nowadays, is a virtual product launch. The company invites all the stakeholders, media people, bloggers, and other relevant contenders as attendees, who then share the experiences later.

8 – Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual trade shows allow the companies to display their products and also, provide the required education about the features of the product. 

9 – Virtual Conference

Virtual conferences are actively held by companies, associations and anyone who desires to discuss or convey their ideas with the masses.

10 – Virtual Career Fair

Virtual career fairs are for recruiters who wish to do in-person interviews but are unable to. These career fairs give an equal opportunity to companies as well as candidates to know one another.

11 – Virtual Food show

Virtual food shows are an amazing opportunity for the hospitality sector to showcase its services to an international audience. A company can share the expertise of its own with the world. 

12 – Virtual Donation Drives

Charity events and donation drives can also be conducted online. The donors directly check the information with the organization, eliminating the scope for fraud or scams in the name of donations. 

13 – Virtual Housing Fair

This virtual fair establishes a direct link between the realtors, property agents, and the students to showcase 

These are the top 13 virtual event ideas as well as types that one can either attend or conduct. A majority of these come under the virtual education event category as online means are essentially used for enhancing one’s knowledge base.

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