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We can’t stress enough on the fact that virtual is the new normal and we must accept it in all walks of our life. Just like every other profession, the people in the medical domain also need to keep updating themselves and one another informed about the industry trends and news. 

But keeping the Stay at Home policy in mind, the possibility of in-person conferences is bleak; hence virtual conferences can be a new challenge. Many virtual medical conference software and platforms are currently in the market to help you achieve maximum results via online mediums.

Puaerte Visual got a wonderful opportunity to conduct one such online medical event for AKI & CRRT (San Diego). It was an international conference with multiple global professional speakers as well as attendees. This online event was the 5th Annual Highlight on updates of Nephrology Critical Care in India. 

Let’s get ahead of the curve with these 10 tips to have a successful virtual medical conference. 

   Tips to host a successful virtual medical conference

   1-   Identify the target audience correctly

When in-person conferences were in place, not much stress was laid on identifying the target audience as the mutual contacts in the city or state would do the trick. 

In case of online virtual medical conference events, space and geography has become endless. It is crucial to make the most of it by attempting to reach out to relevant audiences across the globe. It’s not rocket science, with careful analysis, it is possible.

Seek some basic answers for your upcoming virtual medical  conference like 

What will it be about?

What are current industry trends?

Where can the right audience be found?

What kind of audience do the speakers personally have?

Research well in order to answer such questions. Engage and invite the people who might fit the profile, and these can help you diversify and reach more and more people.

   2-  Use social media effectively

Like every other industry, social media is also a game changer in the medical field. These days everyone is trying to look for answers online so it is wise to be there to give expert advice. This will not only help you build an audience but will also be effective in detecting trends and patterns in the queries.

Firstly, it can be relatively easy for deciding the content and intent of the virtual medical conference. It doesn’t always have to be for the fellow medical professionals, instead it could also be targeted at patients with specific medical conditions. 

Secondly, use social media to spread the word about your online medical conference event. Create a buzz about it and use your mutual contacts to reach more people. Market it with the right message for getting people to register.

Thirdly, introducing hashtags for receiving feedback on social media platforms, will help you assess the impact of the conference and also the efficiency of virtual medical conference software. Also, gives you room to improve future conferences.

   3-  Have speakers present an exciting manner

Medical conferences tend to have an impression of being all nerdy and boring, let’s try to drift away from that when we conduct virtual medical conferences. 

Brief speakers about the requirement for a virtual platform, since direct eye contact is slightly tough, it is necessary to engage the audience with the way you present your content to them. 

Just using PPTs is a thing of the past; instead use animation, videos, and audio to provide an enriching experience.

   4-  Engage the audience in unique ways

No matter how carefully you draft your content, the monotony will eventually make the audience lose interest. So, keep them interested in other activities. All the speakers must interact with the attendees before, during, and after the event. 

At Puaerte Visual, we provide separate stalls for adding customized quizzes, games, photobooth, and networking into your virtual online conference. These features add flavor to the existing set of functionalities.

   5-  Be open and adaptable

Venturing into online medical events can be a whole new experience, so the organizer must be open to taking in new ideas. Virtual events are not the same as in-person ones and so many requirements and executions differ. 

It is vital to be flexible along the process of organizing online medical conference events so as to bring out best possible results. 

At Puaerte Visual, our easy dashboards make the process of online events hassle-free. Our highly experienced team always keeps the thinking hat on to add the spark of creativity in your virtual medical conference.

   6- Provide value to attendees

Anything can be found and read online but how an online medical conference adds value to attendees’ existing knowledge is how the success of an event can be predicted.  

A speaker’s goodwill and influence will also determine the value that is expected out of the event. A high-profile and experienced professional will always have a lot of in-depth practical as well as fact based knowledge about the subject. 

Therefore, value addition and authenticity are some of the major factors  to consider while conducting an online medical conference event.

   7-  Study and analyse competitor’s moves

Before getting into the arena of virtual events, make sure that you    study the moves of your major competitors. If those are already in the virtual event game, spot the gaps in their content and incorporate those in your event.

Online medical conference events can be based on some recent research or circular, or detailed discussions on new findings or anything at all. An edge over other conferences and meticulous execution can affect participation in all your future medical events.

   8-  Seek assistance and guidance

Though we wish to know it all, at times surface level knowledge may not be enough to pull off an online event. As far as online medical conferences are concerned, all the speakers are adapted to having in-person conferences with loads of paperwork that can be shared across for understanding. However, in the technology sector, professionals might feel stuck. 

 At Puaerte Visual, we provide all kinds of demonstrations to acquaint people with our virtual medical conference software and platform. We ensure constant support right from creating 3D virtual environments to sharing event analytics with you.

   9-  Strategic marketing and reach out

Medical professionals also have many categories of audience in it. For example : Doctors, Healthcare experts, Medical journalists etc. 

All of these audiences are found at different places and must be invited to the shows with different pitches. A variety of marketing techniques must be used to reach out to them. 

Also, one should make sure that specialised activities must be designed throughout the conference to keep all the segments of audience engaged and interested.

   10-  Focus on Feedback

 After execution, feedback is the second most effective step to estimate the success of any event. Virtual medical conference events are new and a bit uncommon but with productive criticism, it is easy to nail this format of interaction. 

Our platform has a separate desk to collect feedback and that’s how, Puaerte Visual can be your partner in hosting a successful virtual medical conference.

Due to the pandemic, the need for healthcare information has grown exponentially, providing a window of opportunity for healthcare as well as medical organizations to boom virtually. Let’s equip ourselves with technology and make the most out of these virtual event platforms.