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“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Hybrid events also create an impression that your mind believes; that’s how people are able to have a mix of virtual and in-person experiences under one roof, with the perfect use of AI and other forms of technology.

We all have come to realize that virtual events and meetups can no more gratify us as the longing for in-person gatherings can never be nullified.

Hence, hybrid is the best junction for all the requirements that a business or organization can adopt.

Let’s delve deeper into the WHY aspect.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Why does any organization or company need hybrid events and how does it benefit them?

1. Cost effective

This might seem debatable but in all its honesty, the organization of real events has a long list of expenses. Right from hiring an event manager/ company to everything else, a company keeps on signing fat paychecks on the go.

But when you hire a platform like Puaerte Visual for a hybrid event, we assure you that once all the requirements are duly shared, it is a one-time investment and every minor update is just a part of the budget.

2. Flexibility

In physical events, the scope of flexibility is almost negligible because once major decisions are taken, any alteration just leads to chaos and confusion among people, impacting the experience of guests as well as the management team. But when we talk about hybrid events, the companies always have an upper hand in terms of making changes even up until the last minute.

Our platform specifically caters to this need by providing simple dashboards for easy customization in the model. All the updates are hassle-free and are reflected in real-time.

3. Fixed ROI

ROI (Return on Investment) is a substantial statistic for any company. Every media-worthy event is carefully accessed and then crafted by the company. The gains must always outweigh the losses in nearly all possible areas.

In real-world events, it is practically impossible to keep track of every attendee or every guest. Hence, the statistics gathered are subjective and may not be entirely accurate.

Questionnaires/ Feedback forms are just filled without much thought; predictions on this data can be misleading. Business is all about taking risks but if a risk can be covered, then why not choose that way.

Puaerte Visual, like any other virtual platform, tracks every attendee/ guest’s digital footprint across the whole event, which is easily accessible to the company/ host after the event. This feature not only guarantees better results but also suggests potent ways to improve the quality of events in the future.

4. Easy Scalability

When dealing with a physical space, it is limited in capacity but when the companies open up on digital space and go for conducting hybrid events, it amplifies the reach immensely; eliminating the need to shorten the guest list.

In hybrid events, the companies can reach as many potential attendees as they desire. as space is no more a restriction. This scalability aspect also improves ROI and lead generation which is a taxing affair in physical events.

5. Ample Sponsorship benefits

In hybrid events, the reach and attendance are far and wide, acting as bait for sponsors who are always on the scout for quality exposure. Such platforms present a vast array of dynamics to provide great visibility to the sponsors at the event.

Pauerte visual also designs a special area of stalls for sponsors. So, the attendees/ guests can directly connect with them for further communication.

6. Effective Data collection

As every move of attendees is trackable, data collected in hybrid events are vital metrics to gauge the success of an event. The companies can access all the crucial checkpoints like the no. of people registered, no. of people who dropped out, and also, what engaged them in the event.

A fair data collection is a guaranteed way for identifying patterns & trends;  facilitating major policy changes in large companies.

7. Better Engagement

Physical gatherings and events are hard to let go of as it provides lively experiences and better opportunities for engaging with other people.

But fret not, hybrid event platforms have covered this aspect as well.

Our platform allows the companies to create engagement/ interaction avenues by elements like

  • a customizable quiz
  • some fun games like sudoku
  • A photobooth, and
  • Networking.
8. Intuitive & responsive platforms

One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why physical events can be cumbersome in managing the diversity of guests.

In hybrid events, the AI-enabled platforms ease the participation of every attendee that enhance user satisfaction and engagement throughout the event.

Every satisfied attendee is an unpaid marketeer for the company as well as the event platform.

9. Improved quality

A tech malfunction, transport limitations, and other similar mishaps on event day can totally derail any physical event, displeasing the guests.

But, with hybrid, the event platforms are well-equipped to handle any end-moment crisis. However, in mock trials, all the bases are duly taken care of by the team.

10. All time alternative

We are in a pandemic right now, when meeting people is beyond question. Businesses and companies can be cautious but it also has employees to pay. Therefore, hybrid events are a go-to option for large-scale companies. Be it pandemic, environmental crisis, or anything at all, these AI-enabled platforms are in for a long game. The quicker we adapt it, the easier it will be.

So, from here on, move a step ahead from virtual to hybrid events with us, Puaerte Visual. Contact us to experience the inexperienced impact of hybrid events and allow us to assist you with a hassle-free journey of the event management landscape.

HPCL’s successful Flagship Event Digiconn hosted on Interactive Virtual Event Platform!