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Virtual reality is a new reality. It’s been quite a ride for people to fit into this shifting reality, but it’s better now. So like in reality, business is perpetual, virtual mediums have also picked up business and remodeled it to suit the online setup.

In businesses, there is a large share of existing ones that have product-based offerings and with time, there is always an upgraded version to launch. Product exhibitions were a common thing till it became impractical for people to attend it as everything became online. Now since there is a demand; supply must begin too. Many virtual event platforms have also created room for conducting virtual/ online exhibition set up for businesses.

As diversification is the motive of almost every second business, hence there was a need for better ways to conduct the exhibitions in a way that has a wider reach. In a virtual setting, there is absolutely no requirement for the physical presence of any person, one can attend the exhibition at the comfort of their home. 

There are a lot of virtual event platforms that provide a great service to clients. Here’s your quick checklist to figure out the best virtual exhibition platform for your business.

1) Customization

Does the platform provide enough scope for customization? No one is fond of adopting the same basic layout that the platform offers as every business has its own needs that demand a specific setup. For an exhibition, a business might need to alter the virtual design to suit the needs of their products on display. Be it changing the number of stalls or upgrading the entrance into the exhibition hall, customization is a key to making an experience very direct for any attendee. 

At Puaerte Visual, our USP is that we offer customized themes and templates for any kind of virtual event. Our special dashboards also make it easy to incorporate real-time changes within the event without any hassle and time-consuming process.

2) Hybrid arrangement

Does the platform you are opting for accommodate in-person as well as virtual experiences? Because at times, in-person audiences would also be present to attend the event. An event is all about experiences. So, a platform must ensure a seamless experience for all its event attendees. 

There may be challenges in doing so but that’s what the choice is all about, isn’t it?

3) Interactive spaces

People often shy away from attending online or virtual events, because there is an almost negligible opportunity for having a connection. Ensure that the platform you choose should have booths or avenues for improved interaction with the audience. In a virtual exhibition, such avenues would be helpful in solving audience doubts that may occur during the exhibition. 

At Puaerte Visual, we have a separate line of stalls with games, photobooth, and quizzes, this can not only engage the attendees but also, earn the business some brownie points for adding a bit of entertainment in a basic virtual exhibition which can kick in the monotony for a lot of people.

4) Analytics

Data collection is one of the prime reasons to engage and organize events be it, physical or virtual. Almost all the platforms provide the data that is collected from the audience but the choice of platform should also depend on the way the business receives the data. Is it an excel sheet, in short, is it easy to understand and analyze? If yes, a business’ virtual exhibition will be a grand success as there will be a scope to analyze the audience reaction and estimate the overall impact.

5) Security

In an online or virtual event, the attendees enter many different kinds of private information, in the case of a virtual exhibition, it may contain various identity and company-related confidential information. So, the most appropriate platform should have a reliable and secured backend to avoid any information leakage.

6) Ease of use

Technology is meant to make functions easy for human beings. If the platform is very loaded and complex, many event attendees may leave it at the earliest because when online, people are more restless and look for simpler ways to get things done. So, a best-suited platform would be the one in which navigation is easy and direct. Moving within the platform should not be a code to crack, instead, it should be very targeted so that attendees are focused on the content and business offerings rather than wasting time in figuring out how to ask a query in the virtual exhibition.

7) Networking

We are all social beings and hence, we absolutely appreciate interacting with other people especially those from the same or similar professional background. Attending virtual exhibitions or other business-centric events acts as an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. 

At Puaerte Visual, we offer a Social Lounge that allows the attendees to interact with one another, making the experience closer to real life. adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

8) Integration

Though in a virtual exhibition, stalls and layouts are followed but at times, for a perfect demonstration, a business may require a video medium to integrate with the virtual event platform. Therefore, integration is a crucial must-have when choosing the right medium for your next virtual event.

9) Automation features

If a virtual event platform can sync with any automation software it makes the overall planning and process very streamlined. It is also a very cost-effective and time-saving hack to improve the overall experience for the audience.

10) Branding options

Any business event is ultimately centered around an intention to create brand recall and all the time that the audience spends in the virtual exhibition, the brand name should be visible at some key locations. There should be a scope to add standees and banners within the platform. 

Any event is successful when it offers an experience that creates a lasting impression. The focus must be on delivering the most viable and simplistic navigation to the audience. 

So next time you plan to plan a virtual exhibition, remember to check out Puaerte Visual that offers easy and simplistic ways of doing a virtual event. Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and satisfying event experience to your business and all the esteemed attendees.

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