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One-stop for your all-online engagements!

The hit of the pandemic was unexpected. You know, we know, all of us know it. Some businesses have completely gone digital while others are still figuring out the best digital strategy. As per marketing experts, Businesses are in the process to create a strong online presence to give their prospects a wholesome experience on a virtual platform by using technologies such as AI, AR, and VR in the upcoming years. In a recent data published by Mckinsey- “Digital Transformation and a focus on customer experience can generate a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction and economic gains of 20-50%.

What is a Virtual Experience Center?  – An emergence of a new era.

Virtual Experience center is an immersive experience online or a digital transformation of your business. Or

You can say It is a transformation of an Offline Store or a Monotonous Website into a digital environment to Enhances User Experience.

This setup and platform can make the life of your business easy and smooth. Let us see how?

  • It makes user access your offerings in an interactive manner
  • Detailed listing of every product/service to your clients in an effective manner
  • Larger Audience Engagement – As It’s Global
  • All your Webinar traffic is routed to one platform along with branding
  • High chances of user interaction – As no time Limit
  • Light Asset Model – As no physical infrastructure is needed
  • Gives you detailed analytics of every user touch point
  • Help you manage all your prospects – Integrated CRM tools (In Business Plan)
  • Live Customer Support/ Mail Support for your user queries
  • Multiple campaign/ Virtual Event can be launched from one dashboard

To have a better understanding, Let’s say – You just launched a product “XYZ”, now you want to showcase it to your potential clients/ dealers or anyone. You can do that by virtually launching it. Rather than calling them or arranging a physical meet, you can get a Virtual Experience created with multiple arena’s. Also, you can customize platforms, themes, and designs that will make your product look more attractive, easy to feel and comprehend for users.

Significance of Virtual Events

The first and foremost advantage of hosting a virtual event is that- it is friendly to your pocket. Also

  • Its accessible on web without any device restrictions.
  • No operational or Managerial team needed on a regular basis.
  • Customize according to your audience- easy to collect feedback.
  • Easy to make connections- Connect, Network, Communicate.
  • Measure your results- Analytics and Engagement Metrics.

Why Experience Center!

It’s not just about creating Experience but about Generating Business out of it!

  • We track every Touchpoint we give you insight about user interest
  • We help you identify Hot, Cold, Warm Leads
  • We Help you Stay connected with your prospects
  • Experience Centres are SEO Friendly!
  • It has detailed user analytics

Complementing/ Supplementing Existing Business

The offline business will definitely get a boost and jumps to online mode. The products and services that you have been selling will be listed in an attractive way to your clients digitally. The perfect room for your audience to come and watch your products. Hey – Your presence is not even needed. The platform is self-sufficient. Each detail you want your clients to know about the product will be noted by the platform and will be eventually shared. 

Virtual Experience Centre will be the aid to your existing business-

  • By sales turnover rising
  • By making new clients
  • By saving more time 

No more Physical Stores – When virtual stores can give you the same experience!

With the emergence of Virtual Experience Centre – There is no need for physical stores. If you are someone who wants your business fully digital opt for the Virtual Experience Centre. The world of experience center will have every product that you want to list and sell with the 3D modifications and features. In return, the look and feel of the product will become although more attractive and visual.

Save of additional costs and expenditures

When there exists no physical stores there will be less expenditures and costs incurred. This will result in savings from additional cost and expenditures which can be used for various other reasons. One more reason why you would want to have an Experience Centre of your own if you are undergoing a lot of digital events internally and externally.

Virtual Meet-ups-

Connect and communicate virtual meet-ups with your clients weekly, monthly, or annually as you wish. Connecting and proper communication lay down the backbone of any organization. Meet-ups are very important and become a barrier when your client is overseas or in another state. Let Experience Centre do it for you- The link generated once can be used again and again. Expect-

  • Daily and necessary updates
  • No need of generating a new link every time
  • Communication will flow efficiently

Virtual Contests-

Virtual contests just give a different vibe and will set the tone for any meeting, conference, and product launch. The virtual contests will just add fun to mundane and boring meetings. The contests become important to give your mind rest and indulge in new ideas. 

Celebrity Engagement 

Celebrity engagement on the virtual platform is a bonus. Suppose you want – Shahrukh Khan to be present for the launch of your new product then he can easily connect through the platform and everyone can connect and communicate with him.

Your brand ambassador will although more increase sales and revenue by merging his experience and identity with the platform of Experience Hall.

Puaerte Visual is a design-tech company. We enable you to host highly scalable,  customizable virtual events, hybrid events. Top Features ranging from easy interaction, networking, customizable arenas while hosting multiple virtual events, 3D design templates, Social Lounge, Photobooth, Gamification, and many more are available with us. A powerful dashboard that allows you to do the real-time changes all by yourself. Engagement metrics, valuable data, and thoughtful solutions to promote your event and bring in potential leads. Corporate shows, Trade Shows, Educational Events, Networking events, Exhibitions can be hosted seamlessly. 

Puaerte Visual also create-Virtual Experience Center which is perfect for an organization that does multiple online activities like webinars, product launches, virtual meetups, product showcases, and much more. So, let us know more about a Virtual Experience Center-

Winding-up –

This is a totally new concept that will allow you to communicate and connect with your team or clients annually. This is super hassle-free as you don’t need to create the links again and again. A single link can be used for a period of time without any trouble. If you are someone who is interested you can contact us and we will assist you with a comprehensive plan.

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